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We can navigate the challenges of sleep terrors.

Sleep terrors, also known as night terrors, are a type of parasomnia characterized by sudden and intense episodes of fear, panic, and agitation during sleep. We understand the distress that sleep terrors can cause and are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support for those experiencing these unsettling nighttime events. Sleep terrors are different from nightmares. During a sleep terror episode, an individual may sit up in bed or move around while still asleep, exhibiting extreme fear and appearing disoriented. The individual is typically unresponsive to attempts to comfort or wake them and may not recall the episode upon awakening.

At REFRESH SLEEP MEDICAL CLINIC, we understand the challenges that sleep terrors can present, and we are here to provide support and guidance to those navigating the world of frightening nights. Our team of specialists works closely with patients and their loved ones to develop personalized strategies for managing sleep terrors and promoting restful sleep.

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